Leading Edge Credit Union’s Annual Lighthouse Relay, Race to the Sea

The Race to the Sea was designed to integrate fitness in a fun and interactive way. The Race begins in Cape Anguille, and ends 120 kilometers later at the 143-year-old stone heritage structure, the Rose Blanche Lighthouse. The race route consists of 11 individual legs and travels over a variety of terrains including pavement, gravel, rail bed, and sandy beach. The Race travels through some of the most beautiful scenery in the province, incorporating the region’s four lighthouses along its path.

$500 for a Team of 11, $50 per Individual

Da Koodens Dinner Theatre

If you are looking to enjoy a delicious traditional meal, followed by some good entertainment. This is a must see! Da Koodens is a group of local residents that perform a good old community concert that is guaranteed to make a grin. Reservation is a must by calling 709-698-3441

Codroy Valley Folk Festival

Annual Codroy Valley Folk Festival promoting Scottish, French and Irish music of the area – variety of local musicians. Fiddle & accordion players, singers, step dancers, square dancers. Food and bar service. Outdoor event. Codroy Valley Sports Complex, Upper Ferry Codroy Valley, children’s activities.

July 29-31

Port aux Basques/Astrolabe Days

Join us as we celebrate our Annual Heritage/Astrolabe Days. We host events on the harbor front, at the Railway Heritage Museum and at the downtown park. We host events for all ages, including local entertainment, a heritage hunt, history/storytelling, interpretative tours at the train site, carnival events and much more. The three day festival aims to promote local entertainers, local culture, and the marine history of our community.Events for all ages, history hunt, tours of the train cars and museum, how to make a astrolabe (kids), artists demonstrating their skills.

Ann Harvey Days Festival

Come experience some of the month long celebrations commemorating the heroism of Ann Harvey’s Family and their Newfoundland Dog, Hairyman, who rescued almost 200 souls in two daring rescues in the early 1800’s. Experience various folk art events during the anniversary month of July, (boat building, quilting, theatre, etc). Culminating with the Ann Harvey Days Festival (music, dancing, traditional food, history games, etc)

Tour de Port au Port Bike Race

Held over two days, participate in a Bike Newfoundland and Labrador sanctioned race (competitive and recreational riders) as well as a bike rodeo for the kids.

Aug 22-23

Pirates Hideaway Pig Roast

Enjoy scculent pork cooked to perfection, spit fired! Volleyball tournament, cocession Stands, local Artisans and crafters, music and dance.

July 25

Cape St. George & Mainland Folk Festival/Bilingual Folk Festival

Bilingual folk festival of the Port au Port Peninsula with traditional music, dance, kids games and crafts. Festival régionalbilingue avec de la musique et la dansetraditionnelles.

Aug 1 & 2

Un Plaisir du Vieux Temps (Black Duck Brook Festival)

Traditional folk festival with French and English Artists. Good food, kids games and good fun. Festival de musiquetraditionnelle avec des musiciensfrancophones et anglophones.