Little Port Harmon-Indian Head

At Port Harmon you can view the cliff called Indian Head. Most of the rocks in the cliff are a type called anorthosite. Anorthosite is found only in a few places on Earth. (It is more common on the Moon). All known examples are very old. These are about 1,000 million years old, among the oldest in the province. The anorthosite of Indian Head formed very deep below the ancient supercontinent Rodinia – about 30 or 40 km below the surface. Above them was a hugh mountain range, now all worn away.

Port au Port and Bay St George Area

Port au Port and Bay St George Area – ROCKS! This is a tale of plate tectonics. As you travel the Port au Port Peninsula and Bay St George area, you’ll encounter many eye-catching rock formations. This pamphlet describes four geologic routes you can follow to learn their fascinating story.

Formations are easily accessible and there is parking near by each site. Allow 2-3 days to thoroughly explore this trail. Please take photographs only. Leave the fossils for others to enjoy. It is illegal to collect pieces of the fossilized wood.

Phamplets can be purchased for $5 at the Regional Museum of Art and History and Debbie’s Video in Stephenville or by calling (709) 649-2038.

Blanche Brook fossil site

The story begins 305 million years ago on the super continent called Pangaea, near the Equator. See fossilized pieces of ancient Cordaitalean trees, including tree trunks embedded in the sandstone. Take the 1/2km return walk on the Fossil Foot Path to visit these rare specimens. Brochures can be found at the Town Hall as well as many other locations around town.